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20 Minute Stationary Bike Interval Challenge

20 Minute Stationary Bike Interval Challenge

For me, cardio on stationary equipment is the worse. When I need to do cardio, I prefer some sort of interval training to keep myself engaged. After several attempts of finding a good stationary bike challenge, I finally found one that works.   

The 20 Minute Upright Gym Bike Challenge

Warmup:  First do your warmup completely separate from the challenge. If you choose to do the stationary bike as your warmup, please make sure you cancel it on the computer when you are finished warming up.

The Challenge:

This challenge is to gain as much distance as possible while following the intervals. You must maintain at least 90 RPM’s throughout the entire 20 minutes. You can sprint during the high-tension intervals, but don’t exhaust yourself to early so do not you drop under 90 RPM’s for the rest of the workout.

  • Start: Make sure time is at 0:00.20 minute stationary bike challenge
  • Tension: Determine a moderate tension. If you don’t have any idea, you might need to spend some time on the bike before determining a moderate tension sweet-spot.  For me, it’s at a 10.  For a pro cyclist, it might 15, and for a noob, it might be 5.  Add 5 to your moderate tension for your high-tension interval.
  • RPMs: You should be able to only show RCM with most stationary bikes by removing speed, watts, etc.  Then, make sure you stay above 90 RPM’s throughout the whole challenge. 
  • The Interval: The first two minutes is moderate/high pace (90 RPM’s) with moderate tension. The next two minutes is a high pace (90+ RPM’s) using your high-tension (5 more than the moderate).

0:00-2:00:     90 RPM, at 10 tension.
2:01-4:00:     90 RPM+, at 15 tension.
4:01-6:00:     90 RPM, at 10 tension.
6:01-8:00:     90 RPM+, at 15 tension.
8:01-10:00:   90 RPM, at 10 tension.
10:01-12:00: 90 RPM+, at 15 tension.
12:01-14:00: 90 RPM, at 10 tension.
14:01-16:00: 90 RPM+, at 15 tension.
16:01-18:00: 90 RPM, 10 tension.
18:01-20:00: 90+ RPM, 15 tension.

Again, this challenge is about how much distance but you must follow the intervals. For most, maintaining the 90 RPM throughout 20 minutes is the toughest part of the challenge, so make sure you choose the right moderate tension for you!

Enjoy! Let us know how many miles you get!