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Dual Pulley Squat and Row

Dual Pulley Squat and Row

Exercise of the Week

This weeks exercise of the week is one of my favorite full body exercises: the DP (dual pulley) Squat and Row.

DP Squat and Row

Use a cable machine that has two pulleys. Adjust the pulleys so they are all the way down (close to the floor) and attach a handle for each pulley. Grab the handles and walk out a few feet from the machine. Keep your arms fully extended and drop to a squat position. Make sure your body holds good posture and try not to let the weight pull you forward. If you find yourself leaning forward and you can't come to a balanced position, then the weight is too heavy. After reaching the squat position with your arms straight, pull yourself up by perform a row while standing. After reaching the top position, drop back down to a squat and gradually extend your arms. The key is to do each rep by staying balance. If the weight is heavy enough, you should be able to slightly lean back and maintain good posture throughout each repetition.  This exercise takes a little bit of coordination at first, but once you get used to it, it's a great full body strengthening exercise.