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How To Do a V-Up

How To Do a V-Up

Quick Tip on the V-Up Ab Exercise

The trick is to make it look simple...

Believe it or not, the V-Up is not as difficult as it looks. Yes, it requires strength in the core and in your upper thighs. However, the exercise has more to do with coordination.

V-Up Tip: Lift Your Legs FIRST!

Most people who struggle are usually doing a similar movement as a sit-up. If you treat the V-Up like a sit-up and you have long or heavy legs,,,then you won't get anywhere. Instead, lift your legs first. (Second 8 in the video) After your legs get off the ground THEN lift your upper body. Also, there is nothing slow about doing a V-Up. As soon as your core is engaged, you need to carry that momentum throughout the exercise by thrusting your upperbody.

V-Sit Crunches

If a V-Up is too difficult, try doing the v-sit crunches.