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InchWorm Pushup

InchWorm Pushup


Exercise of the Week


Inchworm pushups are challenging enough to be an exercise or slight intense dynamic warmup.



The inchworm is typically a challenging dynamic warmup exercise. It's great for stretching the hamstrings while increasing your heart rate. The inchworm is a full body exercise so it increases bloodflow throughout the body.


Combining the Inchworm and the pushup:

Once you crawl to the pushup plank position, do a pushup, then return back to the pushup plank position, then crawl back to your feet and stand. If you are not good at pushups, you can go to your knees once you get to the pushup plank position. After the pushup, make sure you return to the pushup plank position before crawling back to your feet. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings when crawling out to the pushup plank position and when you return.

Have fun with this exercise. You can add to your exercise regiment or as a dynamic warmup.