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Kettlebell & Plate Overhead Sit-Ups

Exercise of the week, Kettlebell, Situps -

Kettlebell & Plate Overhead Sit-Ups

 Exercise of the Week


This exercise is great for improving strength in the core and upper-body. In the start position, keep your arms straight holding the kettlebell above your chest. In end position, the kettlebell should be directly over your head. Keeping your arms completely straight is the challenge. 

KB Pressing OH Situps:

This is an alternative if the KB OH Situps is too difficult or if it puts too much strain on your lower back. Start with the kettlebell close to your chest. As you situp, gradually press the kettlebell until you reach the end position. Same as the KB OH Situps, your arms should be straight and the kettlebell is directly over your head.

 Plate Overhead Sit-ups:


Plate Overhead situps is the same movement with different resistance.