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Executing on an Idea

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Executing on an Idea

My Trainer Says is my definition of executing on an idea.

I first came up with My Trainer Says when I was a self employed personal trainer in 2010.  Like many first impressions of an idea, I thought it was brilliant.  After researching this plan, I soon discovered that the margins of obtaining a reasonable ROI and the endless competition of other t-shirts companies would be a monumental challenge.  Nevertheless, I knew that I was onto something with just the concept.  I created a few t-shirts and they were a hit with my own clients and fellow trainers.  The next six months, I struggled in attempting to make this a viable business opportunity and just wasn’t getting anywhere.  Personally, I was not in a good place financially to continue to give it a proper go and I decided it was best to give it up.

Years later, I still had My Trainer Says in my head and a sense of regret in giving up on one of the only good ideas that I’ve ever had.  In 2016, I decided that I will not let this haunt me anymore and started to take action.  I spent around three months of tireless research, multiple business plans, and tested dozens of t-shirt fulfillment processes. (I even turned my basement/man cave into a t-shirt screen shop)

My MBA degree still tells me that a t-shirt business isn’t the most profitable business plan.  Yet, sometimes you have to go with your gut, especially when you have a need to see it go through.  The process of building this business has been extremely rewarding for me personally, even without earning a single dollar.   What I’ve learned from this process so far is that an idea doesn’t mean shit without execution.

I am very excited to finally turn this idea into a business.  Eventually, My Trainer Says will be much more than a T-Shirt company, but I’m excited to hear anybody’s thought on the product and the website I currently have.  Please let me your thoughts in the comments below and/or express them on social media.


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