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Why do I Run?

Why do I Run?

Five Reasons I Run

By: Jesse McFarland

On the the plus side of 200 pounds and a former explosive athlete, I do not consider myself a natural runner and I am often asked what I personally get out of running. There is some obvious fitness related reasons but I would like to separately highlight what it does for me personally and why I choose to run.

Feeling of Accomplishment.
I generally get a feeling of accomplishment for any “good” workout that I complete. For me, the muscle and cardiovascular burn I get from running is very real and always equals a “good” workout. Further, traveling a designated distance on foot or going from one place to another, is a measurable accomplishment I get from running that I can’t quite duplicate in other forms of fitness training. Running a race like a 5K, 10K, or half marathon have an even greater sense of achievement.

I can eat.
For the most part, running allows me to eat what I want. If you are running regularly or training for a distance race, then you pretty much have to eat. As an exercise, distance running is a very efficient way to burn calories and you need that energy to run and recover. Participating for a weight-loss plan and training for a marathon simultaneously is generally not a good idea. In conclusion, when I’m NOT training for a race, I monitor my calorie intake. When I am training for a race, I just eat what I want.

Running clears my head.
Like many busy people, I’m “logged in” most of the day. I’m always on my laptop, smartphone, monitoring social media, and constantly trying to master the art of multi-tasking to be more efficient at life. When I run, I just run. Nothing else matters until I’m done.

Running makes me train smarter.
My intent is to always train smart and follow a program. Yet, my training starts to go awol when I don’t have a race or event that I’m training for.  When I have a race or running event scheduled, my training gets very precise by following a periodization plan. Plus I start doing all the extras like warming up, dynamic stretching, and cool downs. Overall, when I run, I train with a purpose.

Running is easy
OK, running isn’t enjoyable for everybody. The truth of the matter is that human beings were built to run. You don’t need fancy equipment, a gym-membership, coach, or a training manual. Below is a list of the equipment you need:

  • shoes

That’s pretty much all you need. (BTW, some people don’t even needs shoes to run) Running is easy because anybody can go outside and just start moving.
What’s your excuse?



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