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Lift Weights... For WeightLoss

Lift Weights... For WeightLoss

Lift Weights to Lose Weight
Left: March 2016 of my wife and I on our honeymoon.

Right:  October 2016, myself in my guest bathroom.

I'm not a fan of before and after pictures because of the abuse of false advertising within the fitness industry. Thanks to Photoshop, any idiot can easily turn whale into a dolphin. As a marketing professional, I recommend never trusting a before and after image in any type of an ad. Since this is not an ad, I'll explain my featured image for this blog post.

Honeymoon Photo

Even with a bellybutton large enough to hold a cup of coffee, I was actually in pretty decent shape during my honeymoon. I was exercising regularly but this strictly consisted of running. I actually did three half-marathons between January and March and was continuously trotting miles every week. I was sporadically lifting weights but not regularly. Plus, my diet was an epic mess and during the time of this picture, I weighed over 218 pounds.

Bathroom Photo

After the honeymoon, I had a very busy summer which made it very challenging to work out on a regular basis. I had four weddings to attend, lots of traveling, a new job, and family visits. I really tried to workout consistently but let life keep getting in the way, so at the end of August I still mostly looked like the dude with the butterball under his shirt on the left. Training was pretty much a bitch until about six weeks ago. Six weeks ago I created myself a strength training program that consisted of six days of week of lifting weights. I only missed one workout in six weeks so being consistent led to great results. Oh... My diet is STILL an epic mess and I ran only ONE mile in six weeks. During the photo on the right, I weighed 210 and more importantly,,, my body composition is completely different. By ONLY lifting weights, I loss a significant amount of body fat and increased muscle mass.

Lift Weights and Lose Weight

I am not one to brag and do not have the self-confidence to do a shirtless after picture. The purpose of this blogpost is re-emphasize the benefit of lifting weights for weight loss. I am NOT implying that cardio training or running does not have its benefits... It does. Yet too often, I hear people complain about not losing weight. When I ask about how often they lift weights, the responses are often:
"I want lose weight not get bigger"
"I don't want to get bulky"
"All the time" Me: How many times this week? Them: "three" Me: Last week? Them: "Ummm. Once."

Overall, general weightloss is simple science. When you do cardio, you burn calories. If you burn more than you eat consistently, you'll lose weight. However if you only do cardio like running, and your diet sucks ass, then you MIGHT look like me on my honeymoon. When you weight train consistently, you burn calories while lifting, but more importantly you increase your metabolism. With a higher metabolism, you burn more calories throughout your day (when not working out). Again, if your overall caloric intake is less than what you burn, you'll lose weight.

In conclusion.

Consistency is Everything. If you exercise on a regular basis, then the results are in your favor.
Diet is Super Important. If you have an undisciplined diet, then weightloss results are more difficult to achieve.
Cardio for Weightloss. Works great with a balanced diet. 
Lifting Weights for Weightloss. Works great with a balanced diet. Can still lose weight with a messy diet when metabolism is high.
Cardio & Lifting Weights for Weightloss. Combine these with consistency, you are destined to win the weightloss battle.

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