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1 Minute Squat Challenge

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1 Minute Squat Challenge

2 Week 2 Minute Squat Challenge

My goal for this campaign was to engage and motivate my Facebook  and Instagram followers with a squat challenge challenge. I again decided to do a two week challenge, as I experienced a four week challenge is too long for my current audience and followers.

[See my four week challenge campaign: Burpee Challenge]

Squat Challenge

I chose to a squats because I thought it would increase engagement with my female followers. My previous challenge: [Pushup Challenge] was fairly successful but at least 80% of the participants were male.  Knowing that women love squats and especially body squats... I figured this would be a good test campaign.

Facebook Squat Challenge: Week 1

Instagram Squat Challenge Week 2


Squat Challenge Campaign Results

There is no doubt that my theory worked. I clearly received more engagement from my female audience. I did not do any paid advertising for this campaign (no Facebook post boosts). All engagement was 100% organic. What I learned is there is a clearly more organic opportunity for me on Instagram. Using #hashtags, I've really learn to extend my reach and received a lot more engagement. I actually received participants from different countries (Canada, Brazil, Spain, etc.)  I will continue to use Facebook, but my next campaign will be more Instagram focused.