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Burpees Challenge

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Burpees Challenge

One month Burpee Challenge

Goal of this challenge was to engage and motivate my Facebook followers with a tough burpee challenge. Goal was to do 100 burpees at the end of four weeks. Each week's progression went up by 25 burpees.
Week 1: 25
Week 2: 50
Week 3: 75
Week 4: 100

Rules: Time yourself doing the burpee challenge. Post your time and an IMAGE or VIDEO of yourself in the Facebook comments . (These are standard burpees, not pushup burpees)
Do all four challenges with us and get entered for a drawing for a free My Trainer Says Burpees fitness tee. Share this post and get entered in the drawing twice!

Week 1: (25 Burpee Challenge)

Anyway you want.

Week 2: (50 Burpee Challenge)

Not too many people can do 50 Burpees without stopping, so here are some recommendations:

Finisher: 10 sets of 5 reps: (10-30 sec. rest between sets)
Steady: 5 sets of 10 reps: (10-30 sec. rest between sets) (This is what I did in this video w/ 10 second rests.)
Fit: 2 sets of 15 reps, 1 set of 20: (10-30 sec. rest between sets)
Super Fit: 2 sets of 25 reps: (30-60 sec. rest)
M. Phelps Status: 1 set of 50 reps: (no rest because you’re like Phelps… a freak of nature)

Week 3: (75 Burpee Challenge)

Only 75 this week.
Geter Dun. Anyway, anyhow. No time limit.
Steady: 7 sets of 10. 1 set of 5. 10-30 sec breaks.
Fit: 15, rest, 10, rest. 3 rounds. (This is what I did)
Superfit: 3 sets of 25.
Bolt Status. 75 no rest. Your like Usain Bolt and you're a freak of nature.

Week 4: (100 Burpee Challenge)

Finisher: Anyway, anyhow.
Steady: 10 sets of 10 (10-30sec rest)
Fit: 15, rest, 10, rest. What I did in video. (10-30sec rest)
Super Fit: 4 sets of 25 (30-60sec rest)
Insane: 1 set 100reps (You're a freak)

Post an image, video, or your time when completed in the comments below.

This is the last week of the 4-Week Burpee Challenge. Complete all four challenges and get entered in a drawining for a free tee. Here are the previous challenges:
Week 1: 25 Burpees
Week 2: 50 Burpees
Week 3: 75 Burpess
Week 4: 100 Burpee

What I learned from this challenge?

100 burpees was a little too aggressive for my audience. At least at this point in my campaign. My first week was by far the most successful when the challenge was only 25 burpees. I had alot of participants and much higher engagement. My next challenges will be shorter (1-2 weeks). I did not do any post boosting for this Facebook challenge. It was 100% organic.

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