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About Our Brand

Do you have a Trainer or a Coach that has their own unique sayings?  Or are you a personal trainer or coach who has your own motivational and sometimes comical one-liner to inspire your clients or athletes? If YES... Then you should buy a shirt. Or... at least you might appreciate this site and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

My inspiration for MyTrainerSays.
Many personal trainers or coaches use catchphrases to motivate their clients and/or athletes. When I was a Spin instructor, I would shout “Gimme a Smidge!”. This is how I told the class to slightly increase the resistance. My entire spin following, personal training clients, and many members from the large corporate athletic club I worked at, would quote this back to me countless times every day. It was so common, that member’s that did not know me yet, would at least already know who I was from this phrase. Overall, it personally worked for me as a branding slogan and it helped me meet more people and gain more clients.

Other trainers say: “Do Lunges”, “Eat Your Vegetables”, “Run”, “Just One More”, “Finish Strong”, etc. My high school basketball coach would scream “No More Holly Golly!” whenever we went rogue offensively and didn’t run our planned offense. Thus, students picked up on this phrase and it became a popular chant during home games from the student body.

Why I started this online store?
Successful trainers and coaches have a strong following and have a heavy influence with their clients and athletes. A T-Shirt that expresses these motivational and sometimes comical zingers, are enjoyable for the clients and athletes and are a branding opportunity for the trainer/coach.  We are also building a wholesale store for trainers and coaches so they can independently sell these shirts to their clients.

About the shirts.
I believe in quality and comfortable tees and anything else is just a rag with four holes.  We use a triblend shirt that’s super soft, and has a snug fit.  This is ideal if you have a lean or muscular physic.  Yet, even if you don't, you can still take advantage of this comfy-ass shirt!