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Would you like to be an ambassador for My Trainer Says?

We are looking for Personal Trainers, Coaches, and Fitness Leaders to represent our brand. See opportunity below:


Get FREE Shirts:

If you are fit, have a strong volume of followers, and you like FREE T-Shirts... You just might be our next kick-ass ambassador.
Our only requirement is that you post yourself on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) wearing one of our tees. We are happy to work with you and provide a contest/giveaway on your social media channel. This allows you to get more engagement on your social media channel, and we get more impressions of our brand. We can also create a custom tee with your own unique My Trainer Says catchphrase and we'll mention you on that t-shirt product page on our website. See example.

What you get?

  • free My Trainer Says T-Shirts
  • increase your social media engagement and followers
  • get more traffic to your website or blog

Full out the contact fields below and learn how to get some free tees.

See our Ambassadors:

 Suzylfe Kate Schmida
My Trainer Says Ambassador Suzlyfe My Trainer Says Ambassador Kate Schmida
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