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My Trainer Blogs

One of our top priorities is to provide excellent and relevant content to our readers. We decided to create different blog categories so you can find easily find information that's relevant to you. We are growing and will be continuously adding more content and we appreciate your suggestions and feedback. Let us know on Facebook.
We have three different blog categories. See descriptions below:

My Trainer News:

Fitness Archives:

Trainer Articles:

This is our My Trainer Says blog. It has a little bit of everything. How we started, what we're doing, events we're participating in,
& More

If you are looking for exercises and workouts, then you are at the right place! You'll fine: Exercise of the Week, Workouts of the Month, & More.

Are you a trainer or a coach? Then, this is for you! How to get more clients, Marketing Campaigns, Facebook Advertising Campaigns, & More.