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Who hasn't wanted their own tagline? Ask my clients what I am guaranteed to say to them at least once per circuit, and they will tell you, "My trainer says, 'Engage Your Core.'" Well, now my shirt can remind them (though you know that I will still harp about it)! . Trainer Tip: I make sure that my clients are always in the ready position with their tailbones tucked slightly under until those lower abs engage--regardless of what they are doing! That strengthens the core in a highly functional way, and increases the effectiveness of their lift. . What does your trainer tell you constantly? What do you tell your clients? Get your own tagline on a tshirt by entering this giveaway! 2 followers will win a "My Trainer Says" tshirt of their choice. Enter by: 1) Follow @mytrainersays and @the_suzlyfe 2) Like this post 3) Tag a workout buddy (or your trainer) 4) Repeat as often as you like! US only. Instagram is in no way associated with or responsible for this giveaway.

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